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Working with Tara helped me get out of a rut and start looking at life in a way that I felt more in control. I realized that I have the power to move my life in a positive direction. I am not the result of what happens to me. I am capable of changing my world. Tara helped me find confidence in my career and with consistent self-talk I was able to feel successful. Tara also helped me explore and discover things that bring me happiness and contentment. I am a better person because of the time I spent working with Tara. -- Jen P.

Getting a life coach has been life changing! Tara helps me to delve into the way I am looking at specific issues and address them in a way I am comfortable and pleased with. Knowing that I have someone on my side to help me problem solve both liberates and expands my vision; and reassures me that the solution was inside all along, it just needed a little coaxing to come out. -- Nicole B.

Tara's coaching helped me tremendously. I was able to think out loud and consider options that had just been bumping around in my brain. Her questions and guidance helped me pinpoint what was most important for me in the decision I was facing. Her gentle accountability helped me move forward in my decision making process. She is professional and helpful. I highly recommend her coaching! -- Shelley N.

It’s not easy to make changes, even if those changes are in our best interest. Tara’s attentive and supportive coaching makes those important shifts not only attainable, but helps me find real motivation within myself to obtain my goals. -- Alyson S.

Coaching with Tara helped me start accomplishing goals that I've wanted to work on for a while. Goals that I've found difficult to start because I was accountable only to myself. Tara helped me change the way I was thinking about some things, where I was unintentionally sabotaging myself.

Rather than just telling me what I could try, Tara guided me to find the answers. Answers I already knew, but needed help discovering. This will empower me in other aspects of my life! -- Brianna D.

Since our first session together, Tara has been committed to helping me become the best version of myself, both personally and professionally. She's not afraid to challenge me, because she knows what I'm capable of, and she genuinely wants to see me achieve my goals. If you want to make a change and actually see results, Tara is the coach for you! - Kristin W., CPA