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Wednesday Wisdom and Artificial Deadlines

You can do all the dreaming and planning you want and have the of best intentions each day, but you won’t move forward until you make the time to take action.

One way to to improve the use of your time is to create your own “time crunch” or artificial deadline.

Whether you plan an hour and a half or thirty minutes to get ready for the play, you will fill the time slot with all the things you need to do.

Giving yourself artificial deadlines will help you complete tasks that you’ve been avoiding and you’ll feel so much relief when they are done.

For example, tell yourself you’ll clean the house until the pizza arrives or fold laundry until your ride comes.

Creating a time crunch helps you operate with more focus.

I invite you to incorporate at least one artificial deadline a day!

Just as a heads up, as a result of my growing client load I have decided to change the frequency of this post to every other week.

Make it a great one!

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