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True Story

I receive a weekly email from another coach named Jody Moore, and I love what she shared this week:

“The following is a true story told from 2 perspectives:

Version 1:

I’m traveling again this week and it feels like I travel so much lately I can’t catch my breath.

We left town a few days ago and we were already running a little late when we arrived at the airport. Then, every line on every part of our journey moved sooooo slow.

We nearly missed BOTH flights. We had to run through the airport both times as they called our names announcing the boarding doors were closing. It was so stressful.

The second flight was diverted for over an hour due to bad weather. It was the longest travel day ever.

We seemed to be having the worst luck all day.

Version 2:

We are in Orlando for the most amazing and inspiring Entrepreneurs Conference including an opening night private event at Universal Studios where we were given admission, food and fun (can you say NO LINES) all on the event host.

Our trip here was an adventure. I was afraid we were going to miss our first flight and our connecting flight but we made it onto both of them.

I was also worried we weren’t going to be able to land in Orlando as the airport was shut down during our flight due to weather. But instead of diverting our plane, we just waited it out and landed safely.

All the stars aligned for us that day. We didn’t miss a single part of our event even though we arrived late.

We are so fortunate to get to be here and clearly we were meant to arrive safely and on time.

We are the luckiest people I know.”

–Jody Moore

She then challenges her followers to think of an experience they had recently and tell it from 2 different perspectives. So I’m passing this challenge on! The brain will see that there is more than one option.

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