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Wednesday Wisdom and Mental Margin

Last week I shared with my counselor that I have many good things going on in my life but am struggling to appreciate them, and I feel like I “should” be feeling more positive emotions.

She asked me if I had heard the concept of mental margin? I had not.

Basically we each have a mental capacity and then we have our mental load. The space between the two is our mental margin. If our mental load is at the same level at our mental capacity, there is no margin.

When there is no margin, there is no space to feel those positive emotions.

So what’s the solution? Create a margin by prioritizing and figuring out what you can let go of, or create systems for things so they become automatic and don’t add to your mental load (i.e.. the need to remember).

As women especially we can run at 100% for a long time, but ask yourself “What is it costing me?”

I invite you to take a look at your mental margin this week and see if you need to create more space.

One of the things I have decided to let go of is this bi-weekly commitment … so sadly this will be my last one.

I hope you found some value in what I have shared over the weeks, and that you keep looking for wisdom in other places each Wednesday!

Make it great life ❤️