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Wednesday Wisdom and the Motiviation Triad

This week I want to share a little with you about what is called The Motivational Triad. 

Our Brain’s Motivation Triad: Avoid Pain, Seek Pleasure, Conserve Energy

Historically, your brain’s main job was to keep you alive and so it is wired with three motivations: seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy.

In today’s world this can be a problem because you don’t need to hunt or stay safe from predators in the wild anymore. Now this primitive brain tries to keep you safe by avoiding new experiences or conflict, having you seek pleasure through things that aren’t good for you like comfort foods or binging on Netflix and social media, and keeping you stuck in old habits and beliefs to conserve energy.

So how can you stop your primitive brain from running the show?

Create a new triad. Do the opposite.

  • Seek discomfort, you won’t reach your dreams without it.
  • Be open to pain rather than resisting it. Pain is part of life and if you allow it to pass through you, you will be able to move forward.
  • Turn your brain around to considering new beliefs. It is capable of new thoughts and feelings, which drive new behaviors.

When you try something new your brain will resist. This does not mean it’s dangerous, it just feels that way.

I invite you to flip the switch on your motivational triad. This is how you will create the life you want.

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