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Wednesday Wisdom and It’s Not Real Until you Schedule It πŸ“†

Last week I heard a speaker say something like “If you want to accomplish something schedule it, otherwise it’s just a dream.

This really resonated with me because if it takes making a note in my phone or planner to remember the littlest things, why would I think I could accomplish some big thing without also scheduling it??!

Of course you can’t just write your dream in big, bold letters on your calendar and expect it to happen. Not only is that completely unrealistic, it can be overwhelming.

So what can you do?

Break that dream down into steps and figure out what the very next, tiny step is. What is the very next thing you need to do? And schedule THAT. Even if it’s just deciding to commit to your dream.

Then figure out the next step and schedule that. Step by step until you reach your destination.

I believe in you!

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