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Wednesday Wisdom and the 6 Human Needs

Tony Robbins says there are 6 human needs: certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth and contribution. Our behavior is influenced by whether or not our core need(s) are met and our decisions are based on what need(s) we put first.

Certainty - the need to feel safe and secure about the future. The Downside: you might try to control your environment by avoiding new situations or people (risk)

Variety - the need for frequent change. The Downside: can be extreme if switching up jobs or relationships often, or being an adrenaline junkie

Significance - the need to be noticed, receive recognition. The Downside: might look for it in negative ways, become overly competitive, perfectionistic or dramatic

Connection - the need for a close relationship with someone or something. The Downside: you might have a hard time saying “no” and could lose your sense of self

Growth - the need to be better and/or learn more. The Downside: neglecting rest and relaxation, overly independent and perfectionistic

Contribution - the need to make a difference in the world, give back and share. The Downside: you might neglect those closest to you, burn out easily or be taken advantage of

Depending on which of these needs are strongest in your personality you could spend a lot of time meeting one or two of them, which negatively impacts your overall well-being. Knowing which of them is your primary driver and how it affects your ability to develop healthy relationships is key to understanding what fuels you. It can also help you understand and manage your own emotions.

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