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Wednesday Wisdom and a Kayaking Metaphor

Yesterday my sister and I went to the lake to kayak. On the way home I mentioned needing an idea for my weekly email and together we came up with this kayaking metaphor:

We are the kayak and the body of water is our emotions. We can’t go around because we’d get stuck on land and not be able to move on. We have to paddle our way through, ride them out, process them…and we stay on top of the water rather than sinking.

I hope this makes sense to and maybe even resonates with you 😂

When we resist emotions they actually intensify and keep us stuck, it’s only when we process them that we can truly move forward.

Here are some steps for processing emotion:

  1. Name it (one word)
  2. Find it in your body
  3. Relax into it
  4. Describe how it feels
  5. Visualize it
  6. Tell yourself ”This feeling is caused by a sentence in my brain (a thought)”
  7. Allow the feeling until it subsides

The more you do this, the more automatic it will become.

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