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Wednesday Wisdom and the Progress Loop

Two weeks ago I started an Applied Neuroscience certificate program and I’m learning so much about the way our brains function!

One concept that has stuck with me so far is the Progress Loop. This concept has to do with motivation.

The brain can’t attend to your internal thoughts (default mode network) and accomplish a task (central executive network) at the same time. This means if you try to get motivated before you start a task, you are keeping yourself in default mode where it’s impossible to get work accomplished.

You need to get out of default mode and into your central executive network first! In my program, the instructor shared two simple ways to get into this “task mode”:

  1. Get out of your head and into the room (by noticing your surroundings)

  2. Start working on a very small and simple task

Progress in meaningful work, no matter how small, influences motivation and leads to an upward spiral of accomplishing tasks. This is the progress loop.

And this is why waiting until you are motivated is counter productive 😊

So the next time you need to accomplish something and don’t feel like it, remember the progress loop and get out of your default brain and into your task brain!

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