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Wednesday Wisdom and The Environment Always Wins

Do you ever procrastinate on a task because what you need to start it is in another room?

Or see a suggested article or video on a website and click on it, then another, then another?

Or not exercise because it requires finding your workout clothes and shoes?

Changing yourself begins with changing your environment, whether it be your physical or mental space.

Setting up an environment that supports goals and minimizes distractions makes it easier to do things without having to rely on motivation or willpower.

The most successful people don’t use willpower, they create an environment where it isn’t needed. They make the best option the default choice.

Here are a few tips for turning the environment in your favor (there are many more out there):

  1. Declutter your desk - People with neat offices are more persistent and less frustrated and weary, according to a Harvard Business Review study. A clean desk helps you stick to a task 1.5 times longer rather than when getting distracted by unfinished tasks piled up around you.

  2. Protect 90 minutes - This is just 20% of an eight hour day to focus on the most important tasks. Even if you are unproductive the rest of the day you can still make great progress if you have spent this much time on priorities.

  3. Break down tasks - Smaller tasks help you concentrate better and feel a sense of accomplishment and progress, and you’re less likely to procrastinate on them.

  4. Identify your peak time - Schedule your most difficult tasks when you feel the most productive and clear minded.

  5. Sleep and other self care - Getting more done starts with getting good sleep. Also getting sunlight, exercise and enough water helps to boost productivity.

If you want to change something in your life, start by changing the environment so that thing becomes easier to do.

What is one change you can make this week?

I hope you have a great one!

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